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Absolutely Perfect… {Kaisha + Nathan, Callaway Winery, Temecula Wedding Photographer}

Kaisha and Nathan had such an elegant wedding over at Callway Winery in Temecula, CA. We loved that they chose to use The Studio by Leah Marie to capture their wedding day.  All of the details of their day were absolutely perfect!! From the beautiful white roses, to the gorgeous ceremony site with the rolling vineyards in the background, to the intimate barrel room reception.

Callaway Winery Temecula Wedding Photographer_0011


Callaway Winery Temecula Wedding Photographer_0010



Their unique ceremony site was our favorite part of their entire day!!  Not only did it over look the beautiful Callway Vineyards but with the seating set in a circle it made the entire ceremony feel more intimate and romantic.

Callaway Winery Temecula Wedding Photographer_0007Callaway Winery Temecula Wedding Photographer_0012Callaway Winery Temecula Wedding Photographer_0004Callaway Winery Temecula Wedding Photographer_0003Callaway Winery Temecula Wedding Photographer_0009Callaway Winery Temecula Wedding Photographer_0005Callaway Winery Temecula Wedding Photographer_0014Callaway Winery Temecula Wedding Photographer_0008Callaway Winery Temecula Wedding Photographer_0015Callaway Winery Temecula Wedding Photographer_0002

Thank you so much Kaisha and Nathan for having us share in your special day!! Congratulations!!

Shari Bonebrake - October 31, 2014 - 5:43 pm

Thank you Leah Marie and The tudio. I love the sneak peek of the beautiful moments that you captured. You are truly artists!! 10.11.14 was in the top 4 of my most memorable and special days and I am so glad that you were there to capture Kaisha & Nathan's wedding day!!


Sweet Romance…{Paul + Mariana, Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Wedding Photographer}

Paul and Mariana had a beautiful wedding over at Lake Oak Meadows in Wine Country Temecula, Ca.  Lake Oak Meadows is one of our favorite venues here in Temecula Wine Country because of its gorgeous grounds, ranch style bridal suites, and the fire flames on the lake.  Its the perfect outdoor setting for both ceremonies and receptions. Paul and Mariana were such a fun couple to photograph.  They genuinely were one of the sweetest couples we have ever met.  We were so happy to be able to share in their day and our STUDIO photographers did a fantastic job capturing their love story.

Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0019Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0016Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0015Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0018Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0008Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0007Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0006Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0009Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0010Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0011Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0013Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0001We were pleasantly surprised to see that Paul and Mariana had Madam Palooza doll up their reception decor with some of their fabulous rentals!!  We LOVE working with them at weddings and so, it was great to see them there!!  The Divine Event did an AMAZING job with the florals and as always Celebrations by Diana and Co. were a dream team of coordinators.  We were SO lucky to have such a great group of vendors surrounding us.

Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0003Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0002Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0004Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0017Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographear_0005Venue: Lake Oak Meadows Rentals: Madam Palooza Florist: The Divine Event  Wedding Coordinator:  Celebrations by Di


When You Know, You Know…{Kelly + Aaron, South Coast Winery Wedding Photographer, Temecula}

Kelly and Aaron had such a wonderful wedding over at South Coast Winery!!  Their day was absolutely perfect in every single way.  From the gorgeous purple lilies in her bouquet to her teal wedding shoes!!  We just fell in love with all the vibrant colors and decor.  Kelly and Aaron met online and they knew right away that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.  Fast forward almost two years and they are saying, I Do.


Venue: South Coast Winery

Hair and Make-Up:  Style Squad

Florist:  MFG Floral

Linens: Elegant Design Specialty

Cake: Cakes to Celebrate

DJ: Sterling Productions


Promising Forever…{Andrijana + Arnold, Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer}

Andrijana and Arnold got married over at Bel Vino Winery.  Their wedding was absolutely beautiful!! We loved all the pops of yellow throughout all of their decor.  Our favorite part about their entire day was their ceremony.  Their ceremony site overlooked the vineyards and we could just tell that they were so happy to be promising forever to each other.

Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0003Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0004Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0005Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0012Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0013Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0014Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0015Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0008Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0010Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0016Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0017Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0018Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0019Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0020Bel Vino Winery Wedding Photographer_0021

Thank you all so much for having us share in your special day!!


Vineyard Bliss… {Myrna + Marcus, Wiens Family Cellars Winery Wedding Photographer}

Myrna and Marcus had such a fun wedding over at Wiens Family Cellars.  The yellow and gray color scheme went perfectly with their outdoor vineyard setting.  They had such a great group of family and friends that were eager to celebrate the day with them!!

Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0017Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0016Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0011

They had their ceremony over on the private lawn overlooking the vineyards.

Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0012Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0018Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0010Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0009Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0014Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0004Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0005Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0002Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0013Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0020Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0006Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0007Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0019Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0015Wiens Family Cellars Wedding Temecula California_0001

Thank you all so much for having us share in your special day!! We are SO excited to see what the future has in store for you all!!

Venue: Wiens Family Cellars

Florist: Creative Florals

Invites: The Bride and Groom did them!!!  (#impressive)

Officiant: Mike Milam

Wedding Cake: Cakes to Celebrate

Videographer: Perryfield Films

Hair: Jalees Torres

Make-Up: Mary Beth Malone


One of their Favorite Places…{Taylor + Joe, Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding Photographer}

Getting married in Lake Arrowhead was really important to Taylor and Joe.  Taylor’s family has a cabin up there and it has always been on of their favorite places to get away.  For Taylor’s birthday, they decided to go to the cabin and invite both of their families to join them for a little weekend getaway.  Just before dinner one night, Joe asked Taylor if she wanted to go for a walk on the dock.  While down there, Joe proposed and Taylor was SO excited to go back to the cabin and tell their families.  When they got back and shared the good news both of their families were cheering / crying all night!!Lake Arrowhead Resort_0020Lake Arrowhead Resort_0021Lake Arrowhead Resort_0006Lake Arrowhead Resort_0007When Taylor saw her dad for the first time that day it was such a special moment between the two of them…

Lake Arrowhead Resort_0005Lake Arrowhead Resort_0012Lake Arrowhead Resort_0022Lake Arrowhead Resort_0011Lake Arrowhead Resort_0010Lake Arrowhead Resort_0023Lake Arrowhead Resort_0009Lake Arrowhead Resort_0008Lake Arrowhead Resort_0014Lake Arrowhead Resort_0019Lake Arrowhead Resort_0016Lake Arrowhead Resort_0018Lake Arrowhead Resort_0003Lake Arrowhead Resort_0004Lake Arrowhead Resort_0024Lake Arrowhead Resort_0025Lake Arrowhead Resort_0001Lake Arrowhead Resort_0002

Venue: Lake Arrowhead Resort

Wedding Coordinator:  HMC Event Solutions

Hair & Make-Up: Dollhouse Hair and Make-Up Design

Florist: Fleuris Flower Studio

Wedding Cake:  Niki’s Custom Cakes

Live Band:  Undercover Live Entertainment