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New Place, Same Space…{Veronica + Steven, Wiens Family Cellars, Temecula Wedding Photographer}

Veronica and Steven got married over at Wiens Family Cellars on Veronica’s favorite holiday- Forth of July!  Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and we were so excited to spend the day celebrating with them.  The weather was perfect, the decor was stunning and all of their wedding details came together just right.Wiens family cellars_0001Veronica had her hair and make-up done by Morgan Watson- who is incredible- and we just loved the way her hair was pulled over to one side with those big finger wave type curls.  It really complimented her lace wedding gown and vintage hair pin.Wiens family cellars_0021Wiens family cellars_0016Wiens family cellars_0015_MG_6092_MG_5780_K1A9895_MG_6016Wiens family cellars_0014Wiens family cellars_0011Wiens family cellars_0013Wiens family cellars_0012Wiens family cellars_0017Our favorite part of the day was the styled scene that Madam Palooza put together for them.  The chandeliers hanging from the columns wrapped with white fabric were incredible and looked so pretty next to the open vineyard.Temecula-Styled-Wedding-Photographer_0022Wiens family cellars_0004Wiens family cellars_0020Wiens family cellars_0005Wiens family cellars_0006And then…we found this.  We love it when we find new places at familiar locations.  Veronica and Steven were total troopers and hiked down the hill (she was in HEELS) and totally indulged us in our creative whim!  WeWiens family cellars_0007Wiens family cellars_0002Temecula-Styled-Wedding-Photographer_0023Wiens family cellars_0003Wiens family cellars_0009Wiens family cellars_0018Wiens family cellars_0010The reception room looked amazing!!  From the tablescapes, to the florals to the uplighting…everything looked so elegant!!Temecula-Styled-Wedding-Photographer_0025Wiens family cellars_0019VK-68_K1A1739Thank you all so much for having us share in your special day!! Venue: Wiens Family Cellars Event Stylist: Madam Palooza Florist: Soiree Design and Events Hair and Make-up: Morgan Watson Officiant: Tie a Strong Knot DJ/Uplighting: Sterling Productions Cupcakes: The Cupcake Crush Dress: Davids Bridal

Veronica Holtz - August 11, 2014 - 5:53 am

Leah and Marcella were amazing to work with! We were so thrilled with the way the pictures turned out. All of our friends are so impressed with the unique poses and locations Leah and team were able to find. What a truly memorable day! Thank you again!

Mark Davies - August 9, 2014 - 7:05 am

Awesome pictures Leah !!


Epic-ness!! {Megan + Justin, Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Photographer}

Megan and Justin got married at the beautiful Lake Oak Meadows winery.  We love shooting at this property for so many reasons…one of them being all of the beautiful spots to take pictures!! Megan did such an incredible job with all of her wedding details.  From the her wedding colors, to her flowers, to her tablescapes.  Everything was absolutely stunning!!

Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0003Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0004

Our favorite thing about Megan was her radiant smile.  She was so happy throughout the day and it really came through in her smile.

Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0034Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0033MM-266Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0007Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0028

Megan rode in to her ceremony on a horse and carriage and when Justin saw her get down from the carriage to walk down the aisle to him…

Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0026

He was completely taken aback.  It was one of the most beautiful moments we have ever had the honor of capturing.

Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0006Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0008Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0025Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0024

After their ceremony, we got to take portraits with the bridal party in one of the most epic scenes our friends over at Madam Palooza has ever put together for us.  We just loved the Tiffany blue inspired pillows, white couch and teal benches.

Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0021

Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0031

Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0001Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0029


Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0005


Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0030Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0009Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0018

Then we took a little stroll around the venue to showcase all of the other beautiful areas.

Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0015Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0012

Madam Palooza even set up an extra scene for us to use back by the bridal suite.   It was just as epic as the first one and perfect for some pictures with Megan and Justin.

Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0013Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0010Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0016Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0014Lake Oak Meadows Temecula Winery Photographer_0022

Congratulations, Megan and Justin!!!  We LOVED capturing your love for Jesus, each other and your friends and family.  Thank you so much for having us share in your day!!

Venue: Lake Oak Meadows

Wedding Coordinator: Haley Radford

Florist: The Divine Event

Prop Stylist: Madam Palooza

Hair & Make-Up: Danielle Frizzel


Roadtrip!! {Michelle + Wes, Flagstaff Engagement Session}

Michelle and Wes are a photographer’s dream couple.   Not only were they super cute and fun to photograph but they were downright awesome to be around. Even though they are getting married at The Condors Nest in Pala, CA…they live in Flagstaff, AZ and wanted to have their engagement session portraits where it all began.  So, what did that mean for us…ROADTRIP!!!

We first met them over at their favorite coffee shop/bar where they ordered a cocktail and we got to photograph them just hanging out.

Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0015Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0013Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0014

Then it was off for a little bike ride.  Riding bikes together is one of their favorite activities as well as the theme of their wedding.


Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0011Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0001Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0016

Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0017Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0008Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0010

For their next location, they took us to this forest spot that we absolutely fell in LOVE with!!  We could easily shoot there everyday!!

Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0003Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0006Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0018Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0005Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0019Flagstaff Arizona Engagement Session_0002

Thank you all so much for having us share in your big day!!  We can’t wait for your wedding over at The Condors Nest Ranch.  Can it be July 2015 already??


Love and Perfection {Ivy + Daniel, Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding Photographers}

They say love is not about being the perfect spouse but rather being the perfect person for your spouse.  Nothing could be more true than that for Ivy and Daniel.  She’s a modern and glam kind of gal while he’s an athletic and casual kind of guy and together they are perfect for each other.   They’re playful and flirty and love to laugh.  It was such a joy to capture their love and to share in a small part of their journey.

Calamigos Ranch_0013Calamigos Ranch_0006Calamigos Ranch_0011Calamigos Ranch_0007Calamigos Ranch_0009Calamigos Ranch_0002Calamigos Ranch_0010Calamigos Ranch_0003Calamigos Ranch_0001Calamigos Ranch_0008

Their wedding was over at Calamigos Ranch and their reception site was one of our favorites that we have ever seen.  Look at the gorgeous tree in the center of it all.

Calamigos Ranch_0004Calamigos Ranch_0012Calamigos Ranch_0005

Thank you all so much for having us share in your special day!!  Congratulations!!


Will You Marry Me?….{Surprise Proposal, South Coast Winery, Temecula}

The other day, we had one of the best experiences ever!!  We got to shoot a surprise proposal over at South Coast Winery.  Jake reserved the rose garden for him and his soon-to-be fiance.  Complete with wine and a catered lunch, South Coast had everything ready to go before they arrived.

South Coast Winery ProposalSouth Coast Winery Proposal

When they arrived “to wait for the wine tour bus” Jake asked if it would be okay for them to take some pictures under the gazebo.  South Coast’s wedding coordinator, Christina, was there and told them they had about 15 minutes before their guests for the reserved party arrived but that a few pictures should be fine.

South Coast Winery Proposal

After Jake snapped a few pictures, he got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”

South Coast Winery Proposal

South Coast Winery Proposal

South Coast Winery ProposalSouth Coast Winery ProposalSouth Coast Winery ProposalSouth Coast Winery Proposal

The best part was when Jake’s fiance started putting the pieces all together and realized that the private party that we were all waiting for was the two of them!!

South Coast Winery ProposalSouth Coast Winery Proposal

Afterwards, the two them sat down for lunch made a toast to their future.

South Coast Winery ProposalSouth Coast Winery ProposalSouth Coast Winery Proposal

Thank you all SO much for having us be a part of your proposal.  We usually get to see couples for engagement sessions and only get to ask about how they got engaged.  This was such a great experience to actually see it happen.


Is it Time Yet??…{Michelle + Emerson, Callaway Winery, Temecula Wedding Photograpehr}

When we first met Michelle and Emerson at their engagement session we left feeling like their wedding couldn’t come soon enough.  We had such a great time with them and we were SO excited to capture their big day.  It was like we were counting down the days right along with them.

We started the day off at a house that they had rented in wine country.  We loved the balcony, white columns and beautiful black french doors.

After we headed over to St. Martha’s Church for their wedding ceremony.  The church is absolutely beautiful.  It was the perfect place for their ceremony!

Then it was off to Callaway Winery for their reception.  We LOVE shooting at Callaway…the vines are beautiful, the facility is gorgeous and the staff is incredible.  They really go above and beyond for all of their couples.  Plus, they had Michelle Garibay Events coordinating the day for them so everything was bound to be perfect with a dream team of vendors like that.

But…our favorite part of the day had to be their styled scene.  Madam Palooza really hit it out of the park for this one.  We loved the birdcages, vintage crates and hints of mint and blush color pops.

Thank you all so much for having us share in your special day!!  Congratulations!!!

Venue: Callaway Winery

Wedding Coordinator:  Michelle Garibay Events

Florist: Sweet Petal Florist

Stylist: Madam Palooza

Hair & Make-Up: Dominica Prestinizi

Videographer: DP Weddings