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A Styled Equestrian Picnic {Sarah & Omar, Murrieta Horse Engagement Session}

One of our favorite things to do is shoot styled engagement sessions and wedding portraits.  Styled sessions are when our professional stylist work with our clients to come up with a photography scene (jammed packed with props and tiny details) for them to use during any of their portrait sessions.  We include this service in all of our wedding photography collections because they are just SO much fun and take your portraits to a whole other level.  So, when Sarah and Omar wanted to have a picnic inspired engagement session, we were all about it.  But then- to our surprise- Sarah mentioned that she would be bringing her horses to the shoot.  Um, YES PLEASE.  For those of you that have been following us on Facebook for a while, you might remember us asking to “borrow” a horse for a shoot.  Well, long story short…we were unable to get the horses on the shoot and we added a horse to our wish list.  Then, out of the blue…wish granted.

Our favorite thing about Sarah and Omar was hearing all about Omar’s wedding proposal.  Here is how it went according to Sarah, “So I have to set everyone up for how I was feeling! On Thanksgiving, my Aunt and cousins all thought “it” was going to happen. The big proposal and when it didn’t I was thinking that’s okay it will happen on Christmas… Christmas day came and went and no ring… So I was like “yes, he is probably going to do it one New Years!” Nope nothing!  I was talking to my mom ( we are super close SO I would know if he was even asking my parents) she point blankly said “Omar, hasn’t asked or said anything Sarah. You just need to calm down it will probably happen on your birthday or Valentines day” I accepted that as true.  So we went to the mountains for a couples weekend get away. Just the two of us. We spent the days lounging around and walking in the town of Lake Arrowhead. On the 2nd of January we went to Big Bear to ski and snowboard. I spent most of the day at the lodge ( I am not a cordinated skier whatsoever) That night we were both exhausted. We decided to pop open some bottles of wine we brought and do some different samplings with food. At some point between the wine and the laughs Omar said “close your eyes, I want you to try something but you have to guess what it is” I like these kind of games guessing tastes and flavors. Finally he said “babe open your eyes” To my surprise he was on his knee with the ring. “Will you marry me?”  I was speechless! (He has the whole thing on video!)”

Sarah and Omar!! Thank you all SO much for helping us check off horses from our wish list!!  We are SO excited for your wedding!!

Styled by:  Re-new’d Styling

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