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New Beginnings…because two are better than one {Temecula Wedding Photographers}

When I first started my business, I remember being overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” that had to get done on the day to day.  Emails, contracts, phone calls, tweets, blogging, accounting, marketing, editing, album design…the list can go on forever.  I remember feeling like I was working for my business instead of my business working for me.

And then…I met someone.  Marcella was just getting started on her photography business when we started working together.  She’d come second shoot for me…I’d go second shoot for her…it was great.  We started spending a lot of time together and realized that we were both feeling the same way.  Our passion is shooting and the other stuff…well, its not shooting.

So, long story short…we decided to take on this adventure together.  Because two are better than one…and for the first time in a long time, I feel more inspired and creative than ever.  I have someone to share in the triumphs and that daily grind.  She is my right hand and I am so grateful for our new partnership.

So, if you are running your business and are feeling the way that I was…I encourage you to surround yourself with people or technology that can make your life easier. Whether you hire an administrative assistant or a house cleaner…just find ways to simplify your life. Protect your time and treat it like any other valuable assest that you own.

Here are the top three things that helped me:
1.  Set concrete business hours…if you emailed Coca-Cola they wouldn’t send you a personal email at 1am.
2.  Automate your billing and lead management (I use ShootQ and it has changed my life)
3.  Find ways to simplify your workflow…for me it was outsourcing my editing and album design.

Here’s to an AMAZING 2013!!

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