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Laguna Beach + Puppy + Diamonds = The Best Proposal EVER! {Kristin & Dustin, Temecula Engagement Session}

Engagement season has officially begun!  I love getting to know a couple before the actual wedding day.  It’s great practice for the couple and we get to hang out with each other in a more relaxed environment.  I had the privilege of meeting Dustin and Kristin last week and  I immediately knew they were going to be a blast to photograph.  They had great chemistry and I could tell they adored each other.  My favorite part was hearing how they were engaged  (guys take notes).  Here is the engagement in Kristin’s words:

It was a Saturday morning and Dustin had told me he had to work. It turns out he took the whole weekend off and planned a trip without me even knowing! We spent the day Saturday wine tasting and relaxing. That night he had booked a hotel in Laguna Beach (where we first met). We had an amazing dinner at Salt Creek Grill and there was actually a wedding reception taking place at the restaurant while we were there.  The next day we drove to Salt Creek Beach in Laguna. This is one of our favorite beaches. We had a picnic with some wine, cheese, and crackers; very tasty.  Dustin mentioned he had to use the restroom and he left for a bit.  The next time I turned around to look for him he had a puppy in his arms.  I was confused, shocked, and excited all at the same time. It was just moments before he left that I was telling him how much I wished we had our own dog sitting with us.  I got up and walked towards him and I didn’t even know what to think. Did he just ask someone if he could show me their puppy? Is this our puppy? Where in the world was the puppy hiding?! There were so many things running through my head that I did not even think to look at her collar.  Once he told me that she was OUR puppy I was so excited that I turned away from him and went to go sit down with her. Right before I turned away from him he was reaching in his back pocket (I didn’t even notice this at the time).  He followed me back to our blanket and asked me if I looked at her collar.  In my head I was thinking, “no I haven’t looked at her collar! I’m too busy looking at her cute face.”  I finally look at her collar and the tag is in the shape of a heart and it says “Will you marry me?” Then it hits me that he has had this entire weekend planned around this proposal the whole time. I was already sitting down at this point and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  Of course I said yes!

Dustin & Kristin will be getting married at the fabulous Villa De Amore in Temecula, CA.  Their wedding is being shot by Marcella Caldwell from The Studio by Leah Marie.  What’s The Studio, you ask??  Click here for more info!!

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