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5 Ways to Create the Perfect Photo for Invitations!

Our couples ask us all the time if we have any tips for them to keep in mind when preparing for their engagement session.  They want to create that perfect photo for their ‘Save the Date’ or wedding invitations to share with their family and friends.  So, we came up with our top 5 ways to ensure just that!!

1- Location

Pick a location that fits your style and personalities.  You definitely want to feel comfortable wherever you choose because the more comfortable you feel the more natural you will look in front of the camera.  If you know you don’t like large crowds of people watching you then choosing a less crowded or secluded location like a ravine or hiking trail will help make you feel a little more at ease.  Another thing to take into consideration is the style and theme of your wedding.  You’re not going to want to shoot your photos in the middle of a field with cowboy boots if you are planning a ballroom wedding at the Ritz Carlton.

getting the perfect picture for photo invitations

2- Outfit 

Make sure to wear something that makes you feel AMAZING!!  Dress up (think guest at a wedding) but  don’t try and force yourself into something that you are self-conscious about.  If the dress feels too short and you will be tugging at it the entire time then it totally not worth the stress no matter how cute it is.  Same rule applies for the guys! Consider having two outfits…one more casual than the other so that you have tons of options.  Also, don’t be afraid to use different colors and patterns in your outfits.

tips for creating the perfect photo for wedding invitation or save the date

3- Makeup

Engagement sessions are the perfect opportunity to have your trial run with your make-up artist for your wedding day.  Cameras will wash out your make-up so it is totally okay to be on the heavy side with it.  You are going to want your eyes to pop in your photos and a great make-up artist will know exactly how to keep you looking natural while giving you enough make-up for the camera.

tips for creating perfect photo for wedding invitation or save the date

4-  Tell your Photographer

Make sure to tell your photographer your intentions for your photos.  Many invitation designs require there to be negative (or empty) space in the pictures for the text.  If you tell your photographer ahead of time they can make sure to a variety of images from many different perspectives.

tips to get perfect picture for photo invitations and save the dates

5- Posing

At the end of the day- your engagement session is a celebration on you getting married so have fun with it!!  There should be lots of fun pictures of you all giggling, kissing, walking away and looking at each other.  The pictures where you aren’t necessarily looking at the camera and are more playful/natural looking tend to translate into epic invitation photos so don’t count those ones out just because you aren’t looking the camera.


6- Now What?! (Bonus Tip!)

Now that you have to perfect picture for you photo invitation or save the date be sure to check out companies like Paperless Post for your invitation needs.  Not only do they offer a huge community for inspiration and ideas but they also give you both digital and paper invitation options.

Happy Planning!!


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