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Country Chic Engagement Session {Ashely & Mike, DeJongs Dairy Engagement Session}

When Ashley and Mike decided to have their engagement session with a country chic flare…we could not have been more excited.  Not only are they just about the cutest couple ever but Ashely can sure rock some cowboy boots.  We headed over to DeJong’s Dairy to have some fun and hang out with them before their big day.  One of our favorite questions to ask a couple is how they got engaged.  When we asked Ashley how Mike proposed this is what she had to say,  “He surprised with a trip to San Francisco for 2 days including taking me to see my favorite football team the Chicago bears, play in San Francisco, he proposed the day before the game as we were on a 20 mile long bike ride and had stopped at the exploratorium in San Fran. It was the most beautiful scenery and one passer by actually took a picture!”


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Racing for a Reason {Jenna & Channing, Murrieta Engagement Session}

Jenna and Channing met back in 2007 while she was doing an event for her title of Miss Murrieta.  It was SO much fun hanging out with them during their session because they are such a fun couple to be around.  They are always laughing and making jokes…which makes for some amazing candid portraits.  We could immediately tell that Jenna & Channing were head over heels in love with each other.  Our favorite part of their session was when we found out that Channing and Jenna belong to a motocross group that rides for Autism.  One of Channing’s family member was recently diagnosed with Autism and they have been riding with this group to raise awareness.  View full post »

Cem Öz - October 16, 2013 - 9:59 pm

Çok şanslısınız <3

Jake Lewis - March 8, 2013 - 9:20 am

Great set, love the colors, contrasts and bokeh.


Perryfield Films {My Absolute Favorite Vendors}

Perryfield Films:

One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is that we get to meet new colleagues all the time.  Each wedding has a unique set of vendors that have come together to make someone’s day really special.  The first time we had the pleasure of meeting Perryfield Films it was while working on a wedding with them over at Villa De Amore.  We just knew that we wanted to keep in touch with these guys because we were immediately blown away by their level of professionalism and talent.  Fast forward a couple of weeks…they post the video they made for our couple and it was nothing short of amazing.  It literally brought tears to our eyes to relive the emotion of the day and all of its beauty.  They are SO incredibly talented and we get giddy- yes, giddy- every time we get to work with them.

After the wedding they sent us over a little video that we could use for our website and marketing materials…check out Leah in action.

Thank you guys SO much for the hard work that went into this video.  We are in awe of your talent and tell everyone that meet about you guys.  Here is to many, many, many more weddings together!!

Leah Marie Photography from Perryfield Films on Vimeo.


Drip, Drop…drip, drop {Kalli & Neil, Old Town Temecula Engagement Session}

It was raining…not pouring but there was definitely a steady drizzle of water coming down from the sky.  We already had to re-schedule once due to the weather and we were not going to let anything, not even the rain, get in the way of Kalli & Neil’s Old Town Temecula engagement session.  Kalli and Neil have been dating since 2008.  They met while she was working at Benefit Cosmetics.  She would stare at Neil from across the way and when we asked Neil if he used to notice her stares, he totally did!!  I mean, who wouldn’t notice a girl as gorgeous as Kalli looking their way!!  And when Kalli surprised Neil on their first date by picking up the bill (he was in the restroom), she knew it was at that moment that she won him over.

Believe it or not…our favorite part about their session was not the super cute bubble umbrella, although we would like to purchase one of those.  It was the simple fact that Kalli and Neil are two of the most down to earth people we have ever met.  And they happen to be a blast to hang out with.

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Oh, my Kona Kai….{Aubree & Joey, San Diego Wedding Photographer}

Everything about Aubree and Joey’s San Diego wedding at the Kona Kai Resort was truly exquisite. From the ceremony overlooking the harbor to the fuschia and green wedding decor.  Aubree and I were friends from high school and when she asked me to be a part of her wedding day, I have to admit…I was a little nervous.  Like I walked in front of the class to give a presentation only to find out I was still in my pajamas, kind of nervous.  Its different shooting a wedding where you know a lot of the guests and the family but I would not have wanted it any other way.  To be with my friend on one of the happiest days of her life…from start to finish was so incredibly special.

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Beautiful Rustic Vineyard Wedding {Kristin & Dustin, Temecula Wedding Photographer}

After Kristen & Dustin’s engagement session, I could not wait for their wedding over at Villa De Amore.  Kristen must have spent years on Pinterest…because there were SO many amazing details all around.  From her hand-made place cards to the table numbers…everything was absolutely beautiful.  Kristen looked stunning in her wedding dress and I don’t think we’ve ever taken so many getting ready portraits!  We could not stop shooting!!

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Network, Network, Network {Business Advice for Photographers}

When we talk to new photographers, the one question that we get asked all the time is…”What can I do to grow my business??”  And 10 out 10 times we ask, “Well, what are you doing to help others grow their business??”  One of the biggest lessons that we learned early on in our career was the value of networking and building genuine relationships with others.  When you are un-selfishly- key word- contributing to the success of other people’s businesses than they will be more likely to help contribute to the success of your own business.  For example, if you work with a wedding coordinator on an event and get them a disc of the images for their website/marketing materials/portfolio (un-watermarked) which helps them book more clients because they have professional images of their work…who do you think they will most likely be willing to refer their clients to the next time one asks about a great photographer??

Whenever we go to any wedding we make sure to introduce ourselves to every single vendor there…from the wedding coordinator, DJ, florist, bakery, property coordinators, officiant, musicians, videographers, anyone and everyone we can talk to.  We do this because there is incredible value in building relationships with other vendors- especially vendors in the wedding industry.  Does that mean that we are walking up to everyone and passing out our business cards?? No! Not at all…in fact, we never give other vendors our business cards without them asking for it.  We aren’t networking with other vendors because we want something from them.  But we would crazy not to admit the fact that networking has helped build our business even though that was never the intentions for it.  We started networking with others for the sole purpose of getting to know them.   We can’t tell you how cool it is to walk into a venue for the first time and recognize the DJ or the florist and catch up with them…in the same way you would with a colleague at an office in the corporate world.

But…what if you aren’t booked for that many weddings this year??  Does that mean you can’t continue to network with other professionals on a regular basis??  Not at all!  Weddings are not the only place you can start networking with other professionals in the industry.  There are SO many groups and organizations out there that you can get involved in.  From the Chamber of Commerce to PUG groups and even online social media forums like The [b] School.  For us, one of the best networking groups we became involved with was the Temecula Valley Wedding Professionals.  This group gave us the opportunity to meet some of the other vendors in the area without us having to be at a wedding where our main focus would be on working.

Last year, when Callaway Winery finished their construction, Temecula Valley Wedding Professionals were invited to take a tour of their facility and see all of their new amenities.  We got a behind the scenes tour of their bridal suite, new tasting room, private tasting room, the ceremony and reception sites.  It was so much fun to be invited to participate in their opening and see all of the changes…while not having to work a wedding.

So, good luck to you this 2013 as you find ways to network and build your relationships with others!!

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