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You + Me = US {Genice & Adrian, Murrieta Styled Engagement Session}

As many of you may know, we specialize in styled shoots. Styled shoots are where we have our clients work with our professional stylist to come up with photography scenes for them to use on their engagement session or wedding day. They usually involve furniture, vintage accent pieces, flowers, antiques and other miscellaneous items. Styled sessions are super fun and a great way to add that little something extra/pinterest worthy to your portraits. Its personally our favorite type of sessions to shoot because they are like walking on the set of a hollywood movie and every creative cell inside of our being goes into overdrive.

So, when Genice and Adrian decided to have THREE separate scenes for their engagement session it was like being in one of those great dreams you never want to wake up from. Karis over at Renew’d Furniture outdid herself as usual. She has this innate ability to turn adjectives into reality. To turn ideas into projects and chaos into beauty. She is SO incredibly talented and we are SO blessed to have her on our team. And for Genice and Adrain…they were the dream couple for a dream day. They were the type of couple that just rolled with what we told them to do…no matter how sillly it felt. They were the type of couple that let their guard down to have a good time and it totally came through in all of their portraits. If there is one piece of advice that we would give any perspective bride…its to make sure you trust your photographer. Make sure you trust that they know what they are doing and trust that they do it well…and then, let it all go and trust them to take control.

Patricia Tapia Ward - July 29, 2013 - 12:43 am

May I ask were you took these. I love the location and love your work

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